“Tonight we are all Iranian”
If you are on Twitter and you are not following #IranElection, you should be. This is turning out to be a major world event and the majority of the US Media is absent (apparently 24/7 doesnt include weekends?) #CNNfail is one of the top 10 trending topics! Here are a few of the recent Tweets having to do w/ the Iran Election:
@HuffPolitics: HUGE spike in reports of violence in Iran over the last hour or so http://bit.ly/15ROVX #iranelection

@StopAhmadi WTF! They’re bringing tanks on the streets in Tehran #iranelection

@jimsciuttoABC: #iranelection We witnessed police spraying pepper gas into the eyes of peaceful female protesters

@Leopardbuch The sound of tens of thousands on the rooftops is deafening right now: http://u.nu/2bhb #iranelection

@IranElection09: URGENT JUST IN, there r TANKS in front of interior ministry of tehran CAREFUL #iranelection (via @SashaKane)

@KeeperOfTruth Lost my contact at Ramat David. At least 2 KC-130H tankers and 4-6 other aircraft have taken off in the last 2 hrs. #iranelection #Tehran

@joshspear NBC Tehran offices raided, cameras & Equip confiscated. BBC told to get out Iran immediately. Cell/internet cut #iranelection

@TehranBureau: It’s like overnight the attitude of tolerance vaporized and an era of teror and fear began. #iranelection

@Change_For_Iran: IS IT TRUE KHATAMI HAS BEEN ARRESTED??? Pic looks real. Anyone know? #iranelection

@TehranBureau: My friends who work in the tehran hospitals said the number of injured was staggering #iranelection

@Gita: called my friend in tehran.She was at home,barely could hear her voice bcos of ppl shouting “Alah Akbar” in streets. #IranElection
I am a huge fan of CNN but I am amazed at how long they are taking to cover this story. When they are talking about the story they are doing very little to cover what is actually happening on the ground right now.
If you are on Twitter, change your pic to show your support for the people in Iran who are being beating and assalted by the Iranian Dictator’s Army. At the top of this post is a green ribbon. Post that on your picture!

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