So tonight I found out news that could be life changing for me and my family and is life changing for hundreds of thousands a year. My mom called me this evening and informed me that her doctor thinks she has lung cancer. They ran a CT Scan and performed chest x-rays on her today, will do lab work in the morning and we should know something by tomorrow afternoon. Because my mom has smoked this is something I have always feared would happen. My uncle on my dads side is currently in hospice dying of lung issues related to his smoking. Ironically mom my moved to Arizona earlier this year and quit smoking. After that she started coughing up black flem in the mornings and having chest pain but told no one. She waited until yesterday to tell me that she was having test today. After her x-rays her doctor told her that it was most likely lung cancer and she will know for sure tomorrow. The doctor told her that a lot of people who have lung cancer and smoke never know. Apparently the nicotine causes the pain to be less noticeable. Only after someone quits smoking do they start to feel the pain. I never knew this.
Keep her in your thoughts and prayers tonight. Hopefully the doctor was wrong and it is something minor, we will know for sure tomorrow.


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  1. Hang in there. I know it's hard but if it is cancer, she'll need you more than ever. It's a tough road and the "not knowing" can try anyone's patience. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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