Swamp Rabbit Trail
For the first time in a few months I decided to hop back on my bike and go riding. I live off Cleveland Ave so it’s very easy for me to pick up the Swamp Rabbit Trail at the Cleveland Street YMCA. It rode from one end to the other and back, a total of 8.32 miles! That might sound like a lot but this is really an easy trail. Starting over on my end you ride beside of the Reedy River which remains fairly flat until you get to McDaniel Ave. At McDaniel the trail goes under the street, circles back around onto the street to cross the river, and then continues on. From that point until you get to Academy the trail is mostly up hill. You will need to pay attention to the signs once you get into Falls Park and pay attention to the walkers. The trail through this area is narrow and steep, most people are walking so you will go at a crawl. Once you get under the Main Street bridge it will open up a bit but watch out for “Waders” at The Lazy Goat! Cross River Street and you are back on flat land! The rest of the trail is flat and quiet. You will be riding beside of the river and near the site of the new Crock Center.
For now the trail ends at Willard Street but will soon continue all the way to Travelers Rest, through the Furman University Campus! Have fun and becareful! It’s a great trail for bikers and walkers. Most of the 4.16 miles has a rubberized side that is great for running! Click here for a map of the system!

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