30 Users. 30 Days. Day 10
30 people you might not follow on Twitter, but you should!


Jason is a reporter for the Spartanburg Herald Journal and a mighty good Twitterer!! Jason tweets about pretty much everything! He tweets about news, life, and of course politics. When I first asked for nominations for this blog over a month ago, he received one of the first nominations! Check him out.. especially if you are in the Upstate… you’ll enjoy!

My favorite tweet of his from the last 24 hours:

(Elected officials, of course, are held to a higher standard. But most realize that.)

Name jasontspencer
Location Spartanburg, SC
Web http://www.goupstate.com/crazyworld
Bio Reporter, comic reader, skeptic, only child, music fanatic, Eagle Scout

1,004 Following

According to http://www.followcost.com/

Jason’s Stats are:
Average Updates 16.90 Per Day
Last 100 Updates came at a rate of 50.48 Per Day.
Making Jason the third person to recieve a nuclear follow cost!

According to http://twitter.grader.com/

@jasontspencer is ranked 64,670 out of 4,179,157 users.
@jasontspencer has a grade of 98.5 out of 100

If you aren’t following Jason you should be. http://www.Twitter.com/JasonTSpencer

Check back to see who my 11th pick is… if could be you. If you have a recommendation @ me on Twitter.

@JamesAkersJr _______________________________________________________________


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