30 Users. 30 Days. Day 11
30 people you might not follow on Twitter, but you should!


Ron Tate is a local attorney here in Greenville and someone who is quickly becoming one of my favorite twitterer’s. Ron tweets about many different things, including politics, like, and local Greenville events. Ron is well worth the follow if you aren’t following him already.
@sccounsel: @bobinglis Will you denounce Cong Wilson’s embarassing heckling of the President tonight? Will you call on him to apologize to him and US?
Name Ron Tate
Location Greenville, South Carolina
Web http://www.gwblawfirm.com/ronald-g-tate-jr.php
Bio A Greenville native, lawyer, dad, sports fan, music lover, etc.
232 Following

According to http://www.followcost.com/

Ron’s Stats are:
Average Updates 1.55Per Day
Last 100 Updates came at a rate of 6.37 Per Day.

According to http://twitter.grader.com/

@sccounsel is ranked 381,217 out of 4,204,796 users.
@sccounsel has a grade of 91 out of 100

If you aren’t following Ron you should be. http://www.Twitter.com/sccounsel
Check back to see who my 12th pick is… if could be you. If you have a recommendation @ me on Twitter.

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