30 Users. 30 Days. Day 15
30 people you might not follow on Twitter, but you should!


The way I started following Pressly is pretty interested. I was sitting in Firehouse Subs on Augusta Road using UberTwitter and decided to try the “find local users” option. I scrolled through the list and found @PresslyM and liked what he had recently posted. Since that day I have enjoyed his tweets and appreciated how interactive he is. He tweets about a wide range of things, from religion, local news, and politics. A great guy with a great avatar (its currently a photo from Coffee Underground), he is someone everyone should follow!

Recent Tweet:
@svitosky Maybe we need to set up a “People of Bi-Lo” web site.

Name Pressly McQuiston
Location Greenville SC 29601
Web http://presslym.wordpress.com
Bio Forgiven sinner / Mac geek, IT guy, writer / and sometimes poet.

195 Following

According to http://www.followcost.com/

Pressly’s Stats are:
Average Updates 10.18 Per Day
Last 100 Updates came at a rate of 12.10 Per Day.

According to http://twitter.grader.com/

@PresslyM is ranked 341,126 out of 4,304,435 users.
@PresslyM has a grade of 92 out of 100

If you aren’t following Pressly you should be. http://www.Twitter.com/PresslyM Check back to see who my 16th pick is… if could be you. If you have a recommendation @ me on Twitter.



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