30 Users. 30 Days. Day 16
30 people you might not follow on Twitter, but you should!


If you don’t follow Amy Wood from WSPA, you should. Even if you don’t watch WSPA7 you’ll enjoy interacting with Amy. She knows how to use Twitter and knows how to engage. Rarely does she not reply to tweets directed to her and she joins in conversations when she is on Twitter. She post a lot of news, though most of it through ping.fm and on occasion has beat me to the punch on Breaking News. 🙂 She is helping revolutionize how we get our news in the Upstate and she is a fellow member of what has been called the Social Media Elite in the Upstate.

Name Amy Wood WSPA TV CW
Location Greenville Spartanburg SC
Web http://bbltwt.com/apkjs
Bio http://www.TheRibbit.com – South Carolina based Interactive Anchor WSPA News Channel 7 & WYCW’s News Channel 7 at 10 with LIVE CHAT Facebook MySpace & Twitter comments

8,757 Following

According to http://www.followcost.com/

Amy’s Stats are:
Average Updates 20.14 Per Day
Last 100 Updates came at a rate of 48.42 Per Day.
Giving Amy and nuclear follow cost

According to http://twitter.grader.com/

@TVAmy is ranked 2,399 out of 4,395,440 users.
@TVAmy has a grade of 99.95 out of 100

If you aren’t following Amy you should be. http://www.Twitter.com/TVAmy Check back to see who my 17th pick is… if could be you. If you have a recommendation @ me on Twitter.



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