30 Users. 30 Days. Day 25
30 people you might not follow on Twitter, but you should!


Name M.E. Anderson
Location Greenville, SC
Bio Administrative professional, seeker of knowledge and peace, curious, loyal, candid, caring and happy grown up hippie chick

561 Following

According to http://www.followcost.com/

@citygirlgvl Tweets an average of 1.80 times per day.
@citygirlgvl last 100 Tweets have came at 16.67 per day.

According to http://twitter.grader.com/

@citygirlgvl is ranked 172,503 out of 4,810,111 users.
@citygirlgvl has a grade of 96.4 out of 100

If you aren’t following citygirlgvl you should be. http://www.Twitter.com/citygirlgvl Check back to see who my 26th pick is… if could be you. If you have a recommendation @ me on Twitter.



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