Twitter Wars…
We all use Twitter for different reasons. Some of us use Twitter to connect with new people, some of us use it to connect with business contacts and some use it to market. Regardless, we all have different tools. For most of my duration on Twitter I have used TweetDeck. I learned quickly that just doesn’t cut it. I was happy with TweetDeck. It had columns, groups, Facebook… everything I needed. The only thing I had to worry about was which Blackberry app worked the best. That all changed a month or so ago.
I was sitting at my computer and two friends were in the living room with their iPhones. When one used TweetDeck to post a new tweet and it didn’t update on my screen I was confused. Then I really started to pay attention. It seems TweetDeck loses tweets… often! Now I know the first thing you are going to say is “do you have the newest TweetDeck”. Of course I do, and this error isn’t limited to me. Other friends who use TweetDeck have noticed this problem too. So, my solution: Seesmic Desktop. It seems to work. It looks a lot like TweetDeck with a different interface. It does take some getting use to and like I said, it works. The problem is, once you get used to TweetDeck, it’s hard to get used to anything else. really do prefer TweetDeck, it just doesn’t work. This evening I decided to give it another try. It seemed to be working fine until I realized that a friend had just RTed a tweet I didn’t see. Sure enough, TweetDeck had missed three tweets from another friend. Every time I see an update I hope they have fixed the problem, but apparently they haven’t. So if you are using TweetDeck, just know you are missing something.. you of course wouldn’t know you are missing anything unless you keep an eye out for it. So here’s your warning.. TweetDeck is nice, but not 100%.

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