Is this the United States of America or Iran?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” -Thomas Jefferson, United States Declaration of Independence, 1776

Apparently there is some secret meaning to the above. For me it is clear, ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. For some in this Country it apparently says “all men are created equal (unless they are gay or lesbian). Early this morning the Human Rights Campaign building in Washington DC was vandalized. Early police reports say that around 4am the building was defaced (paintballed). It appears to have been a drive by and the police have no suspects. The vandalism occurred after HRC’s Annual National Dinner fundraiser where President Obama spoke last night. It also happened as thousands of gay, lesbian, and straight supporters descended on Washington DC looking for equal rights. Most American’s are aware of our “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. What you might not know is that in a number of states it is perfectly legal to fire someone just because they are gay or lesbian, South Carolina is a good example. A large number of states also do not have hate crimes legislation to protect gays and lesbians.

Gays and lesbians cannot marry in most states either. To some this is simply a word that Brittany Spears and others abuse. To many gay and lesbian couples in America this word equals a denial of basic rights. For instance, after being in a relationship with my partner for seven years, did you know that if something were to happen to either one of us, our parents would be left to make decisions for us. My mom who I have seen once in the past year and my dad who I have seen twice. Our two homes, three cars, two dogs, my business, and several other things would automatically go to my parents. That is simply not fair. Sign a will and a power of attorney some say.

What about health care? He has great insurance, I do not. There is no form we can sign to change that. Only recently did the Governor sign a bill that would allow him in the room with me IF we have a power of attorney during medical decisions. Until last year, if I were unable to make choices on my own, he would have been allowed to make them but not allowed to see me because he is not related.

Last night our President said;

“Nobody in America should be fired because they’re gay, despite doing a great job and meeting their responsibilities. It’s not fair. It’s not right.”

“We should not be punishing patriotic Americans who have stepped forward to serve this country. We should be celebrating their willingness to show such courage and selflessness on behalf of their fellow citizens, especially when we’re fighting two wars.”

He is exactly right, but when will things change Mr. President? For far to long gays and lesbians have been pandered to by Democrats, however things rarely ever change. Currently we have a Democratic President, Democratic House, and Democratic Senate. Do something. Show us that you were worth our vote and our money.


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