Downtown Curfew

Last week I posted a blog about the downtown curfew (click here for previous post).   Since then City Council has taken the first step to making the curfew permanent.  Last week in a 4-3 decision, the council voted to make the temporary curfew and permanent curfew.  In an effort to ram this curfew through the Mayor had the issue placed agenda during a special council meeting for a 2nd vote.  (3 votes are required).

There are still a number of questions and opinions about the curfew.  One of which is its Constitutionality.    The curfew, as written, does not allow for a special exception for a protest.  Lets suppose there is a candle-light vigil in downtown that last until midnight.  Are teens not allowed to attend?  Are they not allowed to protest?  If not, this is most like unconstitutional.

However, it seems rather than extend the curfew or wait before making a vote, Knox White and his other pals would prefer push it through and then have the City of Greenville pay our attorneys to fight it in court, remind anyone of RiverPlace or the smoking ban?

On Monday, the council will have a work session starting at 4pm and immediately following the work session will be the special council meeting, making it hard for people to know when to be in attendance.   YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SPEAK OUT!  Last week not a single person spoke up about the curfew.  Tons of people have told me that they disagree with it but NO ONE spoke during the meeting.  On Monday morning I will call the City Clerk and find out what the process is for speaking at a Special Council Meeting.  Typically you must arrive 10 minutes before the meeting, however there is no set time for this meeting which makes that hard.   Once I find out the details I will post them.




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