Why I Unfollowed You On Twitter


This morning I woke up and couldn’t fine my friends.  They were all drowning!!! Drowning in a sea of tweets from people I don’t know!

See, a few weeks ago I decided I would just follow most anyone who followed me, not something I would advise.  Over the past week I have noticed it has been harder and harder for find my friends.  I use Seesmic most of the time and had columns set up with my friends in them.  The problem came when I upgraded to Windows 7.  Suddenly I was faced with the task of regrouping people.  Not something that is easy to do, especially when you are following a lot of people.  Either I could spend my time watching my “river” looking for my friends to scoop out OR I could spend an hour or so unfollowing almost everyone.  I choose the later.  Suddenly my river is clean and pollution free!!

So why did I unfollow you??

I unfollowed well over 1000 people  and there is a chance I didn’t mean to unfollow you, but I probably meant to….

I unfollowed:

most business
people I didn’t really know
people who use API programs to post a little too many tweets at one time
some politicians who were using twitter in all of the wrong ways and for all of the wrong reason
some politicians who I knew for a fact had never seen what twitter.com looked like
and just anyone I didn’t really like

Twitter is like real life in a way… over the past year or two I have met a ton of new people, some I like, some I don’t.  Very few of those people would I want to listen to them talk and complain non-stop for days.  So, like in real life, I had to decide who I really wanted to listen to and who I would prefer see from time to time.

If I did unfollow you and you think I made a boo boo, send me a @mention.



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