Some of us use, some use TweetDeck, uberTwitter… the list goes on and on.  Which do you use?  I am working on a new blog and want to hit as many of these programs as possible…


6 thoughts on “Twitterwhat?

  1. I evolved from web to TweetDeck, and haven’t gone back since unless TweetDeck malfunctions and I have to! I honestly haven’t checked out many other options because I like the ease of TweetDeck.
    After having Twitterberry for six months, I finally took the 1.5 minutes it took me to install UberTwitter, and quickly have become a devoted UberTwitter fan.

  2. James,
    I use HootSuite. The link shorteners provide stats, which is why I prefer it over TweetDeck. On occasion if I want to see an image without clicking a link I switch over to Brizzly.
    Thanks for asking.

  3. Thanks for that link Doug. Having real-time stats is pretty cool. It would be interesting to take a screen-shot now and check again over the holiday season to see if there are any significant shifts – away from the web or not.

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