NOT so, Smart!


On Friday you may have received a postcard from Joyce Smart, candidate for Greenville City Council.  Now, I am all for candidates sending postcards and other mailings out.  What I am not for is candidates that spread lies and a will say anything to get elected.  Let’s break down this latest mailing:

First, Ms. Smart says One Vote Mattered on the curfew issue.  She’s partially correct.  The seat she is running for, did not matter.  The seat that was the deciding vote this time, Mr. Sudduth.  As it turns out, Knox White and company only rushed the curfew through last week because Mr. Sudduth was going to be out-of-town and that would have led to a tie vote. 

She then points out that Twice, 4 Republicans voted for the curfew, and 3 Democrats voted against it.  The funny thing about that is at a recent forum she said “EVERYONE voted for the curfew”, and she was right!  Even the 3 Democrats that votes against rushing the curfew through did vote to keep the temporary curfew in place.  Even if the permanent curfew would not have been vote on last week, the temporary curfew would still be in place.  ALL 3 Democrats voted for that.   This was NOT a partisan issue, as it turned out, the Democrats were more concerned with verifying that the ordinance was Constitutional, something the City Attorney has indicated that it isnt.  He actually asked that a statement be added to the ordinance to make it Consitutional but Sudduth and the Republicans voted against that.  This means when the City of Greenville gets sued, which we will, the Democrats were trying to protect us, the Republicans were not.  This seems like a replay of the Riverplace and smoking ban issues.

Ms. Smart also stats that she “knows that public safety is the most important quality of life issue and should never be about partisanship or politics.”  Really?  Because she has clearly made EVERYTHING ELSE partisan.  She loves to point out that it was a party line vote.

Past that, I take issue with the fact that her postcard paints Falls Park as a dark scary place.  It’s not.  I have never felt unsafe downtown and know of no other person that has.

On the front of her card she insinuated she would alway give the police what they wanted… well if the citizen of Greenville wanted a police ran city, we wouldnt need City Council, would we?

In a related story, the Greenville Association of Realtors, a VERY partisan group who almost always sides with the Republican, unless they know the Republican has no chance, today gave Gaye Sprague a 9.5 on “knowledge of issues” and Ms. Smart only an 8.  They also did not endorse Ms. Smart over Ms. Sprague, and bad sign for the Republican.

When you vote on Tuesday, vote for the right candidate, vote for Gaye Sprague

Not so Smart



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