Confused? Don’t be! I can help!


From the looks of it, a lot of you are confused.  As I ride around the Augusta Road/Cleveland Park area that I call home, I see some unusual combinations of signs!  In some yards I see Tynan – Sprague signs, considering they are both Democrats, this doesnt surprise me.  I’ve seen Smart – Aughtry signs, again, both Republicans so that makes since.

But then there are the Smart – Tynan yards..


But because I know John Tynan is the best candidate, even those yards I can let slide (and there are quiet a few!)

But below is the yard that needs some help…


This home has both a Gaye Sprague AND a Joyce Smart sign in the yard!  These are the same people who had the HUGE John McCain sign in the yard during the 2008 election.  Obviously they are confused by all of the postcards and yard signs flying around, so let me help.

On Monday, if you live in The City of Greenville, you MUST VOTE!  The first race is for the at-large City Council Seat currently held by Diane Smock.  In this race you should vote for Gaye Sprague.  She is the Democrat on the ticket and the most knowledgable candidate in the race. You can learn more about her at

The second race is for Water Commission.  This race is between John Tynan and Bruce Aughtry.  Tynan holds a masters from Duke in water management and his Bachelors from Furman.  Aughtry is a developer here in town and has no real qualifications for this seat.  His dad held the seat for a while, but in my opinion, the good ol’ boy system needs to end.  You may also know Aughtry’s name from the Woodruff Road Cemetary fiasco.  Mr. Aughtry attempted to put a strip mall on cemetary land, but lost his bid to do so.  As one person writing the Greenville News said, “if you cant trust him with our cemetary, how can we trust him with our water?”.  In this race, you should clearly vote for John Tynan.  You can learn more about him at

Hopefully that will clear up a few things!



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