Jeremy K. from N.C. has a question…

Is it possible to develop that spark or chemistry over time for someone or does it need to be there at the beginning if its ever going to be there at all?

Basically do you think you can force yourself into a having feelings for someone???



7 thoughts on “Jeremy K. from N.C. has a question…

  1. You should not try to force feelings. Let them develop. Sometime there is an initial spark, or feelings develop with time. Give it time but always be honest and never feign affection.

  2. Force? No. But feelings can develop over time. Inner beauty can take longer to see. I know a girl that married a guy she at one point hated. But the more she was around him, The more she saw and appreciated.

  3. Feelings can definitely develop without trying or any warning. Anytime you force feelings, you are simply setting yourself up to be disappointed and broken-hearted. Let nature take its course and just enjoy the time spent with the person.

  4. Not wise to force feelings, but amazing to come to an awakening. I can remember a time and place when I realized my college gal pal was the one. That was about this time of year 32 years ago, of which we’ve been married 31. Still got the feelings, too. 😀

  5. Certainly. Attraction is really only a state of mind. Hate to be unromantic about it but there is no question that people can and do determine whether they are attracted to and have feelings for another. That’s the tragedy of most divorces, because people can simply determine to have affection for their spouse. Those cases where a spouse wnats a divorce because they are “out of love” are really a pretext for something else.

  6. Ideally in a relationship, love is not simply a noun (something we have or feel) but a verb (the things we do). If you are willing to consistently do love, I believe you will feel love and often receive love. C. S. Lewis wrote an excellent book, The Four Loves, which examines the wide variety of meanings of the word love. Worth a read.

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