This weekend was a TON of fun… we had more people in the condo on Friday night than we’ve ever had…..

John & MV, Courtney, Mark, David, Mikey, Mike McCormick, Dr. Mike, Brian, some guy named Michael, some guy named Keith, Glenn, Jeremy K, my Jeremy and me. (I might have missed someone… )

Then Saturday night  Jil, Rich, Courtney, Mikey, Jeremy K, my Jeremy and me went to Sassafras.  That was a lot of fun!!

… but here’s the deal.  I have always been someone who is slow to trust people, has a very small group for people around me that I really trust, and I always find that I segregate my friends, or compartmentalized.  I have some great friends that have never met some of my other great friends…. well this weekend, specifically Friday, was the first time I had intermingled a lot of people.  Apparently, subconsciously, I was testing some of my friends.  I didn’t realize this at first.. it was only when half the group failed that I realized I was doing that. 

Sometimes I think I am too hard on my friends.  I am very black and white with friends… you’re either in or out…. it only takes one time to go from in to out and as Jeremy K pointed out this weekend.. I have never been someone who can tolerate “a friend”.  When I am away from the world and with friends, I want to be with friends… not someone I really don’t like.

So I’m curious.  Are you the same way?  Am I too hard on my friends?  Are you too hard on your friends? 



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  1. Maybe you just have high standards? Never considered myself very hard on my friends. I expect a lot from EVERYONE so of course it’s the same or worse with close friends. I certainly identify with the segregating/compartmentalizing aspect of your plight, and have wished to change that.

  2. I think we all have things to work on with our friends. As you well know, I’ve held friends up to almost impossible to reach standards because of my family (or lack of) situation. My thinking was always: who am I going to rely on when my grandparents are gone? My friends of course will be my surrogate family as they are now. So I’ve always had to make sure I can trust them and they can put up with all my bs! So, I don’t blame you in the least. And I think you’ve mellowed over the years. All in all, I think you’re on the right track because I really do think you’re starting to have more of a balance between cautiousness and giving people a chance.
    P.S. If I was one of the ones being subconsciously tested…I hope I passed! Thanks again for hosting me this weekend!

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