Life’s short…

so don’t waste time on the bad in the world.  Make time for the good.

 My computer was off, shower was running… Blackberry (which is never too far from me) beeps… it’s an email.. no.  It’s two emails.  Both different.  Both say the same thing.  The first went to about 20 people.  The second when to literally hundreds.   The subjects, both different, told the same story.  Ira Schultz has passed away of a heart-attack at 52.

That name probably doesn’t mean much to you…. but it does to me.  Before I decided to run for County Council in early 2008, I had already advertised with two newspapers that specifically targeting gays and lesbians.  The first, Q-Notes in Charlotte.  The second, Out-In-Asheville.  Both, great newspapers with great results.  Both expensive, both reached a large number of people.  Ira was the publisher of Out-In-Asheville (OIA).

It was when I announced I was running for County Council that I found out how awesome of a person Ira was.  Q-Notes wanted me to take out ad space, and pay a premium price of course.  Out-In-Asheville (now Stereotypd) on the other hand, contributed a full-page ad, web ad, and web commercial every month during the campaign as an in-kind contribution.  Ira wanted to do anything he could to get me elected.  It wasn’t about the money for him, it was about making a difference in his community.  

If only a few more of us were like that.. the world would be far better off.

Funeral services for Ira Schultz will be held at Shepherd Memorial Gardens (5045 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville, NC) at 1 pm on Friday, November 20th. It’s plot B43. Use the Judea entrance.



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