You’re so vain you probably think this blog is about you!

Earlier tonight I posted a serious of tweets.. mostly about friendship, being put in situations and being irritated… I never mentioned names, yet no fewer than 3 people thought my tweet was about them… they were all three wrong.

Let’s run the numbers here… On twitter I have over 900 followers but only follow about 300 back.. My updates also update Facebook, on which I have almost 900 friends.  I am sure there is some cross over but thats probably about 1500 people who I am talking to.. not to mention all of the people who do not have twitter or facebook!

The moral of the story… if I have something to say to you.. I will say it to you… don’t believe me? Just look back at my history… don’t assume I’m talking to you or about you and don’t reply without thinking about the ramifications first.

If you think I might be talking about you.. send me and IM or DM.. posting a comment in response will only make things worse.. it wont, i assure you, make anything any better.


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