Change, next exit.

As 2010, 2kx, or 2K10 as I will refer to it approaches, Change is in the air and just around the corner.  With that in mind I went ahead and changed up my header a bit.  There is a new logo that a few people have asked about.  If you look up its above my signature.  What is it?  Its part of the Alzheimer’s Association logo.  Below is an image of what it should represent…

People and Science working together for a cure.

This year I plan to be more involved with the Alzheimer’s Association, from contribution a portion of each commission this year to them, to participating in the Memory Walk later this year.

As you may already know, my grandmother on my dad’s side has Alzheimer’s and is slipping away from us quickly.  What you might not know is that earlier this year my grandmother on my mom’s side was diagnosed with the first stages of dementia, which will most likely develope into Alzheimer’s.  So if you see the little blue icon on my avatar or page, know you will know why.. and go ahead and plan ahead, I’ll be looking for sponsors in the Memory Walk later in 2K10.


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