In the Democratic race for Governor, I endorse

2010 will see South Carolina elect a new Governor for the first time in eight years.  As someone who typically votes on the D side of the ticket, not the R, I have been looking at our choices and weighing who to endorse.

Dwight Drake and Robert Ford I really know very little about.  As someone who is very active politically, I would like to think I would know a little about them, and since I don’t, I feel they don’t really have a chance in the primary.

Mullin McLeod seems like a great guy, I only wish he was running for Lt. Governor, not Governor.  I don’t feel he has the name recognition to win the primary nor the general elections at the top of the ticket.  In the debates I have watch, I honestly felt he did a very good, if not the best job answering questions.  He seems to give answers from the heart, not answers that are pre-calculated to make everyone happy.  Again, I wish he would run for Lt. Governor, I would support him then.

That leaves two candidates… Jim Rex and Vincent Sheheen

Last year I attended a Jim Rex fundraiser at Michelle Shain’s, attended a press conference he was speaking at, and have received a number of personal phone calls from him.  On one occasion I even had breakfast with his lovely wife to discuss his candidacy.  I feel Mr. Rex has done a great job as Superintendent of Education and I hope to see Frank Holleman elected to replace him in November.  However, in his race of Governor, the main theme seems to be “I’m the only candidate that can win”, a theme Hillary tried but didn’t succeed in winning with. I really haven’t’ heard anything new from his campaign and I feel South Carolina is ready for a change in how the Governor’s office operates.

That leaves Vincent Sheheen.  Mr. Sheheen has never called me personally, I received a call from Mr. Sheheen this morning, be does have a few great players on him team like Logan Stewart and Laurin Manning, but more importantly he has momentum and a plan.  He is a fresh face to statewide politics in SC and I think he would bring the freshest ideas.  Mr. Sheheen campaigns the economy, government reform, education, the environment and health care as his five main issues.  As a Senator, Vincent Sheheen has been able to see how our system operates, but hopefully has not been corrupted by it as so many others have been.  Vincent Sheheen also seems to have the moment in fundraising and I would expect the new quarterly numbers that are about to be released, will show him to be a financial solid candidate.

I hope you will join me in supporting
Vincent Sheheen as South Carolina’s next Governor!

Follow Vincent Sheheen on Twitter at
or visit his website at


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