after two days.. round 1 goes to…

So today is the third day that Jeremy and I have had these new phones…
and the early results are in…

Blackberry 8900 vs. MyTouch 3G 3.5

Round 1

The MyTouch appears to be lighter than the Blackberry and is certainly smaller.

The MyTouch is touch screen, which is hard to get used to at first,
BUT the new version of the MyTouch comes with Swype preloaded!!
Swype is a program that Rich Winley first showed me at my Christmas party,
and it is a MUST HAVE if you have a touch screen!

The Blackberry 8900 has EDGE wireless internet…
The MyTouch has 3G.. NO COMPARISON!

Google’s Android Marketplace is FULL of apps!
There are 20 times as many apps on Android as their were on Blackberry!!
Plus, everytime I log into the Marketplace there are a ton of new apps… a ton of FREE new apps!
Google’s Android is OPEN SOURCE! What does that mean??
Anyone who knows how can develop an app!! No waiting on Apple to approve it!!

The MyTouch is fully customizable!  The back cover can be replaced with any number of customer covers.
T-Mobile even lets you design your own!
Look for a black sheriffs department cover and a white James Akers for…. cover coming soon!

Last but certainly not least, as someone who thinks Google is the best thing since sliced bread,
I love that ALL of my Google products sync seamlessly with Android!
My contacts, email, calendar, voice and latitude worked instantly!
Jeremy likes that the Google Translator actually says the translation out loud!

Granted I am still learning the phone and playing with it a lot more than I was my Blackberry,
but the battery life seems to be a little less than the 8900, something I will work on this week.

Keep an eye out for Round 2.. but MyTouch has won Round 1 without a problem…
it’s almost a knock-out!  Jeremy and I BOTH give this phone two thumbs up!


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