hehe… so today I was invited out to dinner… we won’t call it a date… but we won’t not call it a date… it was dinner.  In anycase, I was with a friend when I received the text asking me about dinner.. he was riding with me back to my condo and made a funny comment.   “I just can’t draw that connection… I know you date or have dated, but I still think of you as not being single”  he said.  This same thing was said yesterday, another friend, who replied to me saying I was single with “you aren’t single”.  To the contrary, as much as I might wish I were not, I am single.

My friend today went on to say.. “I think of you as, James Akers Jr…. not James Akers the available!”  Well, this made me laugh.. and I am seriously thinking about changing all of my screen names and even campaign logo to say James Akers (The Available).   🙂


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