what is a friend?

are you my friend? am i your friend? how do you know? how do i know?  what makes you my friend? what makes me your friend?

is a friend someone who accepts your decisions for what they are, offers opinions only when asked and doesn’t question things about your life.

or is a friend someone who tells you when they think you are doing something wrong and questions everything, hoping to help you not get hurt and/or make a mistake?

are friends allowed to make mistakes? are friends supposed to be perfect? is life to short to care? or is life so short we need friends that do care?

if a friends friend treats them wrong, should i get mad?  if that friend chooses to forgive that person, should i too? if i do not forgive that person, does that make me a bad friend? is it any of my business? is it any of yours?

what is a friend??


5 thoughts on “what is a friend?

  1. That’s a question people have asked for as long as people have asked questions – and will keep on asking. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth asking – just that it’s hard to answer because there are so many right answers.

  2. Good friends tell you the truth, no matter how painful, indulge you and put up with your crap from time to time, still want to be friends even after figuring out your politics or religion, or lack of it. Good, true friends are rare and essential. 🙂

  3. So many questions….

    Yes we are friends and the way I know is that other then the fact that we spend so much time together I know because I think about your well being as much as my own. I also know because there isn’t anything I fear of telling you. I trust you 100% completely.

    I think a friend is a combination of letting you make your own mistakes but also telling you when they see you about to make one. As a friend, it’s my place to look out for you and you for me. We may not always listen to each other (K and M) but our words are always in the back of our minds being a constant help when making our decisions. Your life is your own. If you don’t want your friends opinions unless you ask them, you may want to set that expectation up front so there’s no confusion later.

    As far as forgiving the friends friend that hurt them…I don’t think you have to forgive them just because your friend does but you do need to respect your friends decision. Unfortunately you sometimes have to bite your tongue and “Fake the funk” while the un-liked friend is around if you want to be around your friend.

    Make sense? Help?

    Love you!

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