where in the world is carmen sandiego?

honey, i’m home… errr… not so much anymore.  now you hear… world, i’m NOT home more often…

earlier this week a friend asked me about foursquare.com and if i thought i could be a security threat for her.  my answer. yes!

for those of you not in the know, foursquare.com is a social networking site that allows you to check in at different places around town.. it then updates your friends as to where you are via twitter.com, facebook.com and any number of other sites..

it’s not quiet as bad as loopt.com or google latitude where people know where you are every second of the day via gps on your phone.. but its almost as bad.  let’s supposed you have a stalker… now all your stalker has to do is follow you on twitter! done… one minute you are at starbucks, the next minute you’re missing… or worse.

let’s go a step further… what if someone knew where you lived… if you are at tgi friday for dinner.. you arent home! bingo.. head on over to http://pleaserobme.com/ you will be amazed! these people have a site that automatically updates every few seconds and tell you who is NOT at home… it makes a very valid point… tell everyone in the world where you are every second, or any second of the day.. might not be such a bright idea.


2 thoughts on “where in the world is carmen sandiego?

  1. Not to be a “1984” conspiracy theorist, but the implications are more far reaching than personal safety. For instance, downtown Greenville has many cameras watching us all of the time. This has not stopped patrons from visiting downtown. For the most part, they probably don’t even think about big brother keeping an eye on them. Some welcome the intrusion as a safety measure. So, in my mind, there is a grave possibility that by volunteering so much information regarding our whereabouts to the general public, the government could see that as an indication that the public is not as concerned with privacy as the ACLU would lead them to believe. This could, and I said COULD, create a slippery slope upon which our most precious right of autonomy will erode.

    To start, however, people do need to realize that volunteering too much information is never a good thing. I think the website you referenced is a pretty powerful signal for people to take more care.

  2. Yea so I will be deleting my foursquare. It’s one of those things where in the back of your mind you know it isn’t safe, but then you actually see a site like pleaserobme.com where your tweets are ending up places you don’t want them to be. So…yes, I will be deleting my foursquare account.

    Thanks for the information James, do you also think we should keep our Tweets private? Or are there people who should and shouldn’t?

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