The Republican I Support for Governor is…

Let me first say I will be voting in the Democratic Primary for Vincent Sheheen and I plan to be voting for him again in November.  With that said, I realize I have more Republican followers than Democratic ones and I also realize this is South Carolina.   After seeing how our current Governor, who is a Republican, has treated the office, I personally feel it is time to get another Democrat a shot.

Let’s start with who I would not vote for, ever… and work from there.

Attorney General Henry McMaster…. I feel I really do not need discuss him.. Republicans… if you want cross-over votes and bi-partisanship…. this is NOT your man.

U.S. Rep Gresham Barrett… again… if you want cross-over votes and bi-partisanship.. he has already proved he is not capable of compromise or thinking anything through.. if it has an R beside of it.. he votes for it… Stimulus Package was his only bright spot, and that really wasn’t too bright.

Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer… first.. I think he has more than skeletons in his closet… just sayin.. I think he has shown he is not a mature adult and he has already abused the powers of his current office… let’s NOT give him any more power…

So.. that leaves me with S.C. Rep Nikki Haley.  Actually.. aside from being endorsed by Gov. Sanford, I have nothing bad to say about her. I think she is articulate, smart, well educated and a women (all for womens rights and seeing them elected).  I would welcome her into the Governors Mansion (still prefer Sheheen, but she is second to him).

So for all of you people who somehow think I am a left-wing nut… trust me, I am not..  Notice I said Nikki Haley was 2nd to Sheheen… that means Rex is at least 3rd…. just sayin…


2 thoughts on “The Republican I Support for Governor is…

  1. I love how blunt you are with your words and I appreciate you being straight to the point. I hope other democrats and republicans can learn to be as educated when it comes to their decisions. It bothers me that people vote based on the D or R beside the name. We shouldn’t follow blindly but seek out information to make the best possible educated guess at who will be best. Great post James!

  2. I came to support her for about the same reasons you listed here. I’ve found McMaster & Barrett to be major panderers. And the one thing I hate the most in politics is a candidate who insults my intelligence by saying unrealistic things.

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