a few of my favorite things..

So you all know Jeremy and I switched out our Blackberry’s for a Android’s a few months ago.   Since then my cousin Andrew, plus Courtney and JeanE have done the same!  If you haven’t… you will.. unless Blackberry makes a change, and quick, they will go the way of the Palm….

One of my favorite things is of course all of the free apps (last month over 9,000 were added). So… here are a few of my favorite apps…

1.  Swype – The coolest app ever!  http://www.swypeinc.com/

2. Seesmic – The best twitter app I have found. (TweetDeck coming SOON!)

3. Google Sky Map – You can point your phone anywhere and it identifies the star or plant you are facing!!! Awesome!!

4. USAA – I can actually take a picture of my check (front and back) and it will automatically scan and deposit it…. instant credit… and I shread the check.

5. Handcent SMS – Allows me to verbally dictate my reply to text messages!!

6. SpeaknTweet – Does what it says…

7. Key Ring – Take a picture of all those key rings you have for Publix, Food Lion, Bi-Lo, etc… when you need them, just pull up the app, select the store and scan your phone!

8. CauseWorld – A lot like FourSquare… but you get Karma, credits paid for by sponsors.. you can then donate your Karma to none profits. (Jeremy has saved half a dozen dogs through the ASPCA)

9. Metal Detector – enough said.

10. Barcode Scanner – You can do anything with this… works with Google Shopper (find the cheapest price on items), OR you can scan the QR Code on my flyers to link to more information about my listings!

Here are my other favorite apps in no specific order:

The lighter app – Jeremy’s favorite..
FourSquare, Advanced Task Killer, antivirus, Bubble, Bump, Coin Flip, Dog Whistle, Facebook,  Google Googles, Google Talk, Google Voice, JFKisms, Labyrinth, Light, Pandora, My Tracks, Paper Toss, Shazam, Steamy Window, The Weather Channel, Voice Caller ID, WordPress, YouTube….


2 thoughts on “a few of my favorite things..

  1. Yep, I went Android after my BlackBerry got run over in a parking lot. Just love it, got a Samsung Moment. Try ES File Manager and Task Killer, they work very well together and got me more memory then the rest.
    I tried Toutier for Twitter, but had issues with the newest upgrade. On Hoot Suite Lite now and really like it.

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