Do you really want this???

During the 2008 Presidential Election many of my Republican friends joined in on Sarah Palin’s “Drill baby, drill!”.  When Democrats of level headed Republicans would point out the time bomb that oil rigs are we were told, “oil rigs are very safe” and “the chances of that happening are slim”.

Really?? How slim? And the chances of you winning the lottery are even slimmer, but you play!?

Last week an explosion on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico killed 11 people and caused a huge oil spill.  This morning the US Coast Guard was quoted as saying “up to 1,000 of barrels of oil, or 42,000 gallons (158,987 liters) were spewing each day from a riser and a drill pipe”.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, this oil slick is moving towards the Gulf of Louisiana and should arrive sometime this week.

Are you sure this is what you want off the coast of SC or NC’s Outter Banks?  Seems like a risk I wouldn’t be willing to take.  The stakes are TOO HIGH!


One thought on “Do you really want this???

  1. I don’t think the GOP really cares about the risks. But I never wanted the rigs off our coast. This spill is going to be catastrophic as is. Can you imagine if this had happened 3 miles off shore?

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