Republican I would vote for in SC-04

If you are one of  my Republican friends that will be voting in the Primary, let me encourage your vote for….  wait… let me tell you who NOT to vote for first.

Jim Lee and Christina Jeffrey are obvious No-Vote choices.  Let’s be honest, you are wasting your vote if you vote for those two… @SenDavidThomas impressed me initially in the race, but then he showed his true colors and he would be a clear No-Vote for me.

That leaves Rep. Bob Inglis and Solicitor Trey Gowdy.   Honestly, I would like to see new representation in the House for SC-4, and I think the best chance a Democrat has is if Inglis loses in the Primary.  My problem with Gowdy is he is running on an Anti-Obama agenda.  That’s not what we need in Washington.  It’s okay to be against some of President Obama’s beliefs.. but to go to Washington essentially already saying you will vote against anything Obama brings up is NOT what America needs.

That leaves Bob Inglis.  I have HUGE issues with Inglis… first and foremost, he once told a group of gay voters that “he didn’t represent them”.  Let’s not forget that he also ran on term-limits before realizing he could get rich in DC….

With all that in mind, and a whole lot more… I would vote for Mickey Mouse before voting for any of the Republicans up for SC-4.


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