Twitterati – @TreyPennington

In last weeks Metromix Link, Clayton Kale, referred to me as “a member of the local twitterati”.  So I asked the question… “who else is part of Greenville’s Twitterati?

Rather than doing one blog with a list of all of the answers, and there were a ton of answers, I am going to do a blog on some of the people mention most often… then one final blog with everyone “nominated”.

I normally start from the bottom and work my way up, but this time I decided to start at the top…. and if you know anything about Greenville… or Twitter.. then you know @TreyPennington.  Almost every single person who replied to my tweet mentioned his name… right after mine. 🙂

Trey Pennington is one of the nicest people you well meet.  He is not narcissistic or presumptuous, he is just as nice to someone he doesn’t know as he is to someone everyone knows.  Last night some friends and I went to Red Robin to eat and in walked Trey, along with his son.  He spoke to all of us and I even noticed him using his phone to Shazzam a song!  You see, Trey is just a normal person.  Far too many people are one way on twitter but when they meet you on the streets they would prefer not talk.  Others only reply to your tweets when you are praising them, or only talk to you when they need something for themselves.  And still others have used twitter and social media to become “somebody” and now rarely talk to anyone who isn’t.  That’s not Trey.  I would venture to say that he is one of the most liked people on Twitter in Greenville, and is certainly the most well known.

When I asked Trey to tell me what the word twitterati meant to him, his 140 character reply was:  “highly-active Twitter members: active means follow/follow-back & responsive & publish solid content”

If you aren’t following @TreyPennington, you should be… wait, who am I kidding… if you have twitter… then I am SURE you are one of his followers.

Here are some of Trey’s stats:

Trey Tweets an average of 44.4 times a day or 1007 tweets per month.  He tweets the most on Friday’s and in the 10pm hour.  He mainly uses TweetDeck to tweet and replies to @TheBrandBuilder, @RussellTripp, @SellPhone, @KrisColvin, @TVAmy, @NullVariable, @BobbyRettew, @OwenGreaves, @JamesAkersJr, and @HowellMarketing the most.  He DM’s @TheBrandBuilder, @Mashable and @RussellTripp as well.  65% of his tweets are replies and15% are retweets.

Trey currently has 82,093 followers and follows 81,269 people.  He is listed on 1,775 list and has a total of 27,802 tweets.  Last but not least, Trey has a score of 100.

Trey is without a doubt one of the top twitter users in Greenville… in South Carolina…or for that matter… anywhere.


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