Twitterati @VulgarVerbalist

Steven will not be happy when he sees this!  That’s right… a majority of you thought @VulgarVerbalist was part of Greenville’s Twitterati.  The funny thing about this is Steven goes out of his way to be the anti-twitterati.  When I asked him to tell me what “twitterati” meant to him in 140 characters, his reply…. “I only need two words: Attention whores!”   Regardless of what you call him… we all love him.  I look forward to his tweets more than anyone else’s in Greenville, and he offends more people than Satan himself.

Steven has a 94 on and is currently followed by 451 people.  He follows 207 people.  As of this writing Steven had updated 14,844 times.  His numbers are a little off however…. you see… he doesn’t want you to follow him… and if he has too many followers he will clean house… how?  By posting tweets such as “fuck!” or “mother fucker”… all in an effort to get people to unfollow him.  He also refuses to follow just anyone, and will unfollow you pretty fast.  Steven tweets most often on Sundays (which to me is ironic), and tweets in the 10pm hour most often.  He replies to @JamesAkersJr, @SumoChewie, @TVAmy, @RussellTripp and @UpstateChris most often.   He RT’s @Mashable, @TVAmy, @Zaxorz, @JamesAkersJr and @RussellTripp most often.  He updates from TweetDeck 95% of the time but has also updated from Seesmic and Twitter for Android.

Make sure you follow @VulgarVerbalist…. even if you don’t agree with what he says, you will find him to be entertaining…


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