Twitterati… @SellPhone

The next twitterati member, as voted by you… is @SellPhone.  Before I talk about Jay, let me explain that these twitterati members are in no certain order… just some random order in my mind.

(I’m sorry for the small pic… Jay has a icon on his pic which made his avatar become small)

@SellPhone is a charter member of the twitterati.  You can find Jay just about anywhere… don’t believe me?  Let’s look at his recent @FourSquare checkins… you have Thornblade Country Club, Innovation Hall, Hilton Garden Inn, Rivera’s, BMW Zentrum, Saskatoon’s, Rivera’s, Indexx, Greenfield’s Bagels and Greer Family Fest… see.. everywhere.

There are some twitterati members you only see online and some you see often.  Jay is someone I cross paths with fairly often, it could be a non-profit even, at liquid highway, a Greenville Drive game or even at my office.  He’s certainly one of my favorite members of the twitterati and someone everyone should follow and interact with.

When I asked Jay what “twitterati” meant to him.. he replied with: “An elite militant force of highly-connected forward-thinkers who’ve banded together to fight for what’s right in the world.”  Let’s hope he’s at least half right on that…

@SellPhone as a score of 98.9 on and is currently followed by 2,131 people, follows 2,335 people himself, has updated 9,827 times and is most likely to be replying to a tweet when tweeting himself.  He replies most often to @TreyPennington, @TheBrandBuilder, @TomWhiteJr, @JamesAkersJr, @NullVariable, @KrisColvin, @AmberCadabra, @GrumpyAdMan, @CLHughey and @LBStewart.  He RTs @BreakingNewsOn, @TreyPennington, @BreakingNews, @TheBrandBuilder, @SRFCU, @JamesAkersJr, @InsideBlackBox, @BigJonEvans, @TVAmy, and @NullVariable.  He uses Tweetdeck 95% of the time and tweets most often on Fridays in the 11pm hour.

Follow him…


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