Twitterati – @TinkHanson

Twitterati = connector. A genuine interest in connecting w others on twitter on a level that is REAL, & helping them connect to one another! -Christa Hanson

You most likely follow the next Twitterati member… and she most likely follows you! Christa Hanson (aka @TinkHanson) might live in Abbyville but she spends a lot of time here in Greenville.  I have ran into her a few places…. Google on Main, SM events and even the fishbowl, that is, Liquid Highway on Main Street.

Christa is always involved in the community, both at the local level and even regional.  She currently has a banner on her avatar that says NASHVILLE FLOOD, in an attempt to draw attention to the flooding that ravaged Nashville.  She’s a self described nerd, but, aren’t we all?  And she’s very responsive to everyone!

At the time of this blog post,  @TinkHanson had a score of 98.9.  She currently has 2,063 follows, follows 1,743 and has updated 11,694 times.  She is also listed on 132 list (including my twitterati list).  According to she her tweets are 52.98 replies, 9.85% rt’s and she uses Tweetie MOST of the time, TweetDeck comes in 2nd. She tweets most on Sundays and most often in the 10pm hour. (That’s most likely because she tweets a goodnight haiku everynight before bed).

She has replied most often to @SthrnStrawberry, @TheBrandBuilder, @InterLeafer, @JohnWEllis, @VulgarVerbalist, @StevenPitts, @RussellTripp, @WaltYates, @TreyPennington and @CitySlipper.

She has RTed @TreyPennington, @JoeGardener, @RussellTripp, @BadBanana, @SwagClub, @NullVariable, @WaltYates, @TheBrandBuilder, @BobbyRettew and @MackCollier.

Be sure to follow Christa, I mean @TinkHanson… You’ll be glad you did.


One thought on “Twitterati – @TinkHanson

  1. Hmmmmmmm….this is a good person for the twitterati! She is obviously very active, but not has “in your face” as some of the others…she blends into whatever is going on. Well worth following this one!

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