Guest Blog: Twitterati @JamesAkersJr

Below is the first guest blog to appear on my site… At first I didn’t really think it was a good idea.. but… @tryintolivehere convinced me he was right… check back tomorrow for ANOTHER Twitterati post!

This is my first guest blog!  I appreciate James for allowing me the opportunity to write this blog for him.  It is self-serving, and probably narcissistic, for him to write a blog on himself.  However, during his appeal for answers to who is in the Twitterati, his name was mention more than once.  I could not allow this blog series to play out without explanation as to why @jamesakersjr is a member of the Twitterati. So, I offered to write this blog for him.  He acquiesced and now, without further ramblings, here is the low down on James.

James Akers Jr. is a member of the Twitterati.  The fact that he is writing a blog series on the subject shows that he has a firm understanding of who is using Twitter and for what reason.  That alone does not encapsulate why James is a member of the Twitterati. No, there is much more.   He is the evangelical Twitterati.  You cannot be around James for very long before you have a Twitter account, are a member of Foursquare, and are considering the purchase of a smart phone.  He is a natural teacher on the subject making retweets, API and twitter streams seem intuitive and easy.  Once he gets you involved, he watches your tweets and offers suggestions for better content, advice on how to garner more followers, suggestions on people you need to follow, and generally supports your continued use.  He’ll even give you advice on which Twitter software platform to use and explains the pros and cons.  When asked to define Twitterati in 140 characters he said, “The group of people on twitter that twitter and reply most often… that fabled 5% that do 95% of the tweeting.”

As a user of Twitter, his content ranges from breaking news to personal discussions.  There have been many times he has tweeted breaking news before national and local news anchors.  But do not think that he views this as a competition.  I have been with James as he feeds stories to local anchors via direct messages.  And his tweets have more than once shown up on the evening news.

Apart from those facts, which are enough to make anyone a potential Twitterati, I believe James deserves the designation because he loves of social media.  As mentioned early, he encourages people to join with such enthusiasm that few can resist his urging to make that first tweet. When asked to tell in 140 characters why people should use Twitter he said, “The question is why would people not use twitter?  It’s a live stream that allows you to learn news instantly and communicate with everyone!”

At the time of this blog post, @jamesakersjr had a score of 98.4.  He currently has 1,149 followers, follows 419 and has updated 13,091 times.  He is also listed on 70 list.  According to his tweets are 46.98 replies, 8.01% rt’s and he uses TweetDeck most of the time. He is pretty consistent in his daily usage, but does tweet a bit more after 8pm.

He has replied most often to @VulgarVerbalist, @bradl3, @TVAmy, @timsterr, @prabon, @clhughey, @GlassHalfFullPR, @tryintolivehere (ME), @MU419 and @missdestructo.

He has RTed @BreakingNews, @TVAmy, @VulgarVerbalist, @clhughey, @aaronvonfrank, @thetopstory_, @tryintolivehere (ME again) @jasontspencer, @lbstewart, and @GlassHalfFullPR.


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