Twitterati @TVAmy

No twitterati list in the Upstate would be complete without our local star… Amy Wood.  @TVAmy, known to thousands as Amy Wood from WSPA News 7 is about as into social media as you can be.  She tweets, facebooks, buzzes, pings, foursquares, ustreams… and does just about everything you can think of.  She is not one sided like so many on twitter, but she is very interactive.

To date Amy has tweeted 23,699 times.. has a 13,009 followers and follows 13,541.  According to @TVAmy has a score of 99.7 and is ranked number 10,757 out of all 7 million plus twitter users!

According to, @TVAmy’s tweets are 41.5% replies & 16% RT’s.  She replies most often to @StevenPitts, @JamesAkersJr, @TreyPennington, @TheBrandBuilder, @3AMJosh, @FredOnTV, @JasonTSpencer, @NullVariable, @VulgarVerbalist and @PresslyM.  She RT’s @FredOnTV, @TheState, @GreenvilleNews, @CNNBRK, @ATompkins, @ToriBlaseCNN, @GoUpstate, @WashingtonPost, @ShanaJTill, and @MarkKnoller most often.  Her tweets peak on Thursday in the 10pm hour and she updates using and TweetDeck the majority of the time.

When Amy was asked what the word “twitterati” meant to her.. she responded “If you call yourself one — a tweep who think a little too much of him/her self ;)”  Take that you fake twitterati! lol

If you don’t follow Amy then you probably don’t know what you are doing on twitter and should leave now. 🙂  In all seriousness, you can follow her at


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