Twitterati @RussellTripp

Did you think I was finished?  Not hardly… still have many more to go!  Twitterati member #7, as voted by all of you guys, is Russell Tripp… @RussellTripp (originally sn huh?).  He is self discribed as an Infusioneer (&) Managing Partner at Infusion Web & Video.

One of the nicest people you will ever meet… Russell is always very engaging and just all around awesome, maybe that’s why everyone knows him! He is certainly doing something right on twitter! gave him a 99.7!  When asked what the word “twitterati” meant to him, he replied with “If illuminati means “enlightened”, twitterati must mean “entwittered” – seriously. Engaged totally within Twitter. That’s it.”  Russell current has 14,100 followers and is stalked, I mean followed by 14,217 people.  He is on tweet number 16,615 and is listed on a whopping 246 list.

According to, Russell tweets most often on Thursday, and is pretty level before bed and as he first wakes up.  56% of his total tweets are replies and 20% are RTs… meaning 76% of his tweets are interactions.  He uses TweetDeck a majority of the time, and has been known to use Seesmic Web.  He replies to @treypennington, @tvamy, @thebrandbuilder, @unseeingeyes, @tadiera, @jasontspencer, @upstatechris, @vulgarverbalist, @bobbyrettew and @treestman.  The RT’s @treypennington, @waverobot, @aaronvonfrank, @webandvideodude, @tvamy, @thinkhammer, @ginatrapani, @pamelafox, @mashable and @johnmhoyt most often.

If you don’t already follow @russelltripp… do it now… go on..


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