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I finally found a few minutes to sit down and do another twitterati profile, I told you last time that the list was not complete!  If you are in Greenville and you tweet, then you know Jeffrey Jacobs!  You can always count on him to make you laugh with his daily jokes and witty comments.

The Michelin on Main man himself, @JeffreyPJacobs does more than push rubber… he interacts… which is probably why he is currently followed by 32,571 people, follows 28,627 and is listed on 327 list!   When I asked him what “twitterati” meant to him, here is how he replied…

facilitating connections. Moving relationships from on-line to IRL. Participating in community-ex. #GoogleonMain) The laughs.  Starting ppl, @NatashaDanger @KE_Fields @JMutzke @AliceGander. Helping @jimsharp get @AvidTechnology’s attention. The characters, @missdestructo @VulgarVerbalist. The rock stars @treypennington @thebrandbuilder @TVAmy &, @JamesAkersJr

and then he added thanx. Wouldn’t have connected with so many people any other way. It brightens my day every day 2 connect. Humbled. Powerful. gives him a score of 99.7 and ranks him @ 16,236 out of 7,267,645 tweeps. finds that 6.7% of his total tweets are replies… mostly to @treypennington, @NatashaDanger, @thebrandbuilder, @russelltripp, @tinkhanson, @Bickidan, @TVAmy, @ericlodi, @markketing, and @SellPhone.  40% of his tweets are RT’s… most of which come from @loriazz, then @MichelinAlley, @ericlodi, @yerjokingnet, @AliceGander, @KE_Fields, @JerryThomas, @kakennedy0217, @JMutzke and @fredontv.  Jeffrey uses Pluggio and HootSuite most of the time and sends most of his tweets during the 9am hour on Mondays.

Follow @JeffreyPJacobs.. you’ll be glad you did… and if you are ever downtown, stop by Michelin on Main… he is there most days.. say hey!


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