Twitterati @thebrandbuilder

First, these post are in random order… clearly.

So here is my 9th twitterati post.  I originally planned to post Olivier’s blog a few weeks ago but lost his reply to my DM.  If you know anything about twitter, then you know Greenville’s two superstars… @TheBrandBuilder and @TreyPennington.   Olivier Blanchard, @TheBrandBuilder, is known all over the world.  He is currently on the TGV from Cannes to Paris.  Originally from France, Olivier now lives in Greenville!  Followed by 25,438 tweeps, he follows 12,307 and is listed on a whooping 2,939 list and is on tweet # 47,209.

When I asked what “twitterati” meant to him, he replied with:

Twitterati means two things to me: 1. The Twitter cool kids. 2. Twitter douchebags who think having lots of flwrs makes them awesome. Kind of like an upper class of Twitter users. The ones who would get red carpet treatment if Twitter were the real world. gives Olivier a perfect 100, which is no surprise! finds that he is one of the most responsive users around.  72.82% of his tweets are replies… most often to @KrisColvin, @TreyPennington, @karimacatherine, @KimBrater, @SellPhone, @SwampFox, @BobbyRettew, @NullVariable, @GrabrielleNYC, and @AmberCadabra. 10.5% are RTS, most often from @KrisColvin, @GabrielRossi, @MackCollier, @TreyPennington, @NullVariable, @BethHarte, @Armano, @ConversationAge, @AmberCadabra, and @jowyang.  He almost always uses TweetDeck and tweets most often on Tuesday in the 11pm hour.  Tweeting an average of 1633 tweets a month, he should reach tweet number 50,000 relatively soon!

One of the nicest people you will ever meet, in real life and online, Olivier is someone that everyone should follow… and almost everyone does!


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