Twitterati @TOPolk

You know you are part of the twitterati when you’ve been interviewed for a twitter article.  Terence and I were interviewed earlier this year for The Link Metromix when the Library of Congress announced they would start archiving everyones tweets.

@TOPolk is one of the “good guys”.  He’s not someone who has a million followers, for follows a million people.  He has no agenda, unless pushing Clemson is an agenda, and might even be someone you don’t follow.  If you don’t.. you should.

When asked what “twitterati” meant to him.. he replied with

The kids w/ the most interesting links, fastest news, & best connections. They tend to tweet too much, but there’s quality in their quantity

Followed by 430 people and following 278 people… Terence is listed on 50 list and has updated 15,576 times. gives him a score of 93 (an A even on a 7 point scale).  According to, 48.55% of his tweets are replies.. most of which are to @BIGGC_, @jahtmf, @maddiemarie, @_emily_rose, @mskut, @omegaradium, @trueparallels, @ShaylaJasek, @quarterlifelady, and @PhatsDawg.

5.77% are RT’s… most of which are from @trueparallels, @mashable, @TVAmy, @protoncharging, @Ebigness, @MetromixGville, @chrisdude, @dshanahan, @JohnsonJosh, and @mskut.  He uses TweetDeck 90% of the time and tweets most often on Mondays around 10pm.

Follow @TOPolk now…


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