Twitterati – @CLHughey

First, I am going to remove the numbers from these blogs.  These are in particular order. i also noticed I tend to overlook my irl friends.  I guess I try to hard to not look like I am showing them favoritism.  With that said, since I have been tweeting I have brought along a few new people… @bradl3, @tryintolivehere, @hayesmc, @jyounginer, @ydgreenville, @mikedistracted, along w/ Chuck and Joe are just a few people I’ve convinced to join our little community.  But… how did I get started?  A few years ago the graphic designer at RE/MAX Foothills (now WOW Upstate Realty) started telling me how I should join twitter.. all the cool people were doing it… the cool people back then were Big Jon Evans, her, Trey, Jay and Olivier.   So finally on Christmas Eve 2008, just before midnight, I signed up for twitter.  Who was that person?  @CLHughey of course.

Courtney, one of my best friends, is one awesome networker.  In fact, you are probably one of the 590 people that follow her!  If you are lucky you are the 307 people that follow her back.  Courtney is listed on 45 list and has tweeted 3,729 times.   She has a score of  95.4.  When I asked Courtney what “twitterati” meant to her, she said

someone whos well diverse in their connections,  not necessarily someone that tweets a lot, but someone who knows what they are doing and can teach/help others, well known seeks out & is sought out thrgh twitter, brings others in, promotes, rts etc. says 4.10%  of her tweets are RTs.  Mostly of @JamesAkersJr, @TJRum, @TreyPennington, @SellPhone, @WebinarCentral, @MissDestructo, @careerealism, @swagclub, @tryintolivehere, @VulgarVerbalist.   67% of her tweets are replies… mostly to @JamesAkersJr, @SellPhone, @Brian_Godfrey, @PRabon, @tryintolivehere, @bradl3, @VulgarVerbalist, @Glasshalffullpr, @tjrum, and @nullvariable.  She normally uses TweetDeck or Twitter for Android.  She tweets most often on Mondays and around 11pm.

If you arent following @CLHughey, you dont know what you are missing.


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