iMac 1 week later

One week later… the iMac still rocks.  I am still learning some basics and do miss a few Windows features.  I miss the way I could just bump my windows to the top or sides of Windows 7 and it would “dock” the windows.  I also miss the capture feature.

So far my favorite features with the iMac have been the easy of finding programs, the incredible speed the machine has and the sleep feature… I know Windows has hibernate, but its NOTHING like the sleep feature on an iMac.  I can tell the computer what time to go to sleep and what time to wake up.. and best of all, when I move the mouse… it wakes up… no waiting on things to load… BAMM.. its there.

The only things I still need to figure out are how to play .mpeg and .mp4 files… as well as how to get around the Internet Explorer requirement for some sites.

So far I have downloaded TweetDeck, Chrome, Quicken, App Cleaner and Office 2008 for Mac (2010 is not out for Mac yet).  I also finally got my iPod switched over from the Windows based files to the Mac based files… took over a day, but finally finished.

So… One week later… I would recommend an iMac… the speed is crazy! It might be the 8GB of RAM or the i7 Quad Core processor… but this baby flies!


One thought on “iMac 1 week later

  1. There is a capture feature on OSX, it’s been around for a long time, way before windows 7. Hit cmnd + shift + 3 to capture the entire screen. Hit cmnd + shift + 4 to drag a box for the image. Hit cmnd + shift + 4 then the spacebar to capture an individual window perfectly.

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