Nikki Haley’s job plan… a plan for the 19th Century!

I received the below email today and thought it was worth posting here… yet ANOTHER reason I will be voting for Vincent Sheheen in November and you should too..


Last week, Nikki Haley released her new jobs plan–an important policy paper that she hopes will persuade voters to elect her in November. But after reading her plan and noticing a few glaring omissions, I jotted down a couple notes and sent them to The State newspaper as a letter to the editor.  The letter ran in yesterday’s paper, and I want to share it with you today:

Nikki Haley’s ’10 Dirty Words’

Rep. Nikki Haley just released her jobs plan. These 10 words do not appear in it:

  1. Agriculture – our largest industry.
  2. Tourism – our second largest industry.
  3. Technology – the largest driver of economic growth in the past 20 years.
  4. Computer (or Internet) – nifty little thing that is used for most every phase of economic activity.
  5. Capital – as in venture capital that’s needed for start-ups, the creator of small business jobs.
  6. Global – everything and everyone else in the world.
  7. Exports – the stuff we sell in the global marketplace to make money.
  8. International – as in international business, the way we make the money from the world.
  9. Green – as in green jobs, 21st century jobs that save money and can’t be shipped overseas.
  10. Rural – as in rural development, what 1 million of us (23.4 percent of South Carolinians) desperately need.

It’s a great 19th century jobs plan.

Phil Noble
SC New Democrats

Simply put, these ‘dirty words’ are some of the most important items that this state desperately needsCheck it out yourself, it’s more about far-Right ideology than it is about South Carolina jobs.

And since last week, Haley has been traveling our state, bragging about her ‘plans’ to put SC back to work,never mind that her ‘plan’ ignores the basic elements of any modern economy.

Can you help us spread the word? Forward this email to 5 friends to shed light on Nikki Haley’s ‘Dirty Words.’

Thanks so much,

Phil Noble
SC New Democrats


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