Nikki Haley’s ’10 Dirty Words’ on Education

Here we go again… below is another email I received just a second ago… I thought it was useful so I am passing it along… Just more reasons to vote for Vincent Sheheen in November.


She’s at it again. Just a week after releasing an empty ‘jobs plan’ that ignores basic components of sound economic policy, now Nikki Haley is after South Carolina schools, pushing an education plan that overlooks obvious areas of reform, all while she plays a political shell game on her support to pump taxpayer money into private school voucher programs. Some political critics are even saying her plan looks like a re-branded Mark Sanford plan.

What’s left out? Read our list of ‘Nikki Haley’s 10 Dirty Words on Education’ printed in today’s Greenville News:

Nikki Haley’s ’10 Dirty Words’ on Education

Nikki Haley recently released her plan titled “South Carolina Education.” The following 10 dirty words do not appear in her plan:

  1. Reading and writing – little things that have something to do with education.
  2. Colleges and universities – places that have something to do with education.
  3. Homework – what kids should do after school other than watch TV.
  4. Vouchers for or against, a major issues about school funding in South Carolina.
  5. Kindergartens a place where education begins.
  6. Foreign languages – something that’s useful in dealing with most of the world.
  7. Arts and music – an important part of any education.
  8. Athletics and physical education – yes, we’re ready for some football.
  9. Online learning – the fastest growing segment of education.
  10. Nutrition – something good for kids other than junk food in schools.

We were ready to include “principals” but we found she included it but misspelled the word as “principles.”

Fifty percent of South Carolina’s general fund is spent on education. Haley’s so-called education “policy paper” is less than 1,300 words – the length of a regular newspaper article.

Check it out for yourself:

Phil Noble
SC New Democrats

With just over two months left until Election Day, one thing is clear:  Nikki Haley and the down-ballot Republicans will continue to play political games in an attempt to remain in power and protect their entrenched political interests.  This November, the stakes are just too high to ignore. Will you forward this email to five friends or even contribute right NOW to help us spread the word?

We can’t do this alone.

Thanks for all your help so far,

Phil Noble
SC New Democrats


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