I have something to say…

I’m an idealist without illusions.
John F. Kennedy

While I never had, nor would I ever want the massive following  like my friends Laurin Manning or Will Folks have, at one point my blog was a pretty happening spot.  The night I endorsed Vincent Sheheen in the Democratic Primary I hit post as I was walking out to dinner… I received a call from him within an hour.  Several other times within minutes of posting a blog my site would have over 100 hits.  While my blog was never supposed to be a political site, it become one.  Then one day in August or September life caught up with me and I made the decision to scrub the blog.  I locked this site, my Facebook and my Twitter down.  Knee jerk reactions to a situation that got the best of me.

I stole the above picture from a friends Facebook profile.. AWESOME isnt it!? Blogging again is part of my step 1. So hold on folks.. it’s going to be a ride!

Oh, and theme.. a friend knew I was working on this today and asked the what the theme of the new blog would be.. the theme is.. there is no theme.  Politics, my photography and Greenville will make up the majority of post.. but I have no limits.  You know this. I also reactivated all of the previous post.. so.. if you are new to the site.. check out my past blogs.. it will probably give you a pretty good idea about how things are going to look going forward…


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