For SC Democratic Party Chair… I support…

Being a Democratic Delegate in South Carolina is generally pretty boring.  For the most part the powers that be decide among themselves who should fill what role and by the time a delegate votes it’s pretty much just ceremonial.  From time-to-time our votes matter though.  In 2008 there was a three way race for 3rd Vice Chair of the Greenville County Democratic Party.  If memory serves me correctly the decision wasn’t made until the second or third vote by delegates.  I proudly supported John Tynan, even though at the time I had no clue who he was.  It’s a decision I’m glad the county level delegates made, as John served the party well and in ’09 became the first Democrat to win a seat on the Water Commission in years!

This year looks like another one of those years where our voices will count.  Back in Feburary I started asking people who they planned to support of Chair.  Carol Fowler made the decision last year not to run again and it’s an open seat.  At the time most everyone said Phil Noble, and it seemed pretty cut and dry.  That’s before Dick Harpoolitian jumped into the race last month!  Since then the infighting among State Democrats has grown.  If you know anything about Democrats then you know that’s what we do best, shoot ourselves in the foot.

The difference is both of these candidates have the ability to take our party in a different direction.  Both candidates have statewide leadership experience within the party , and both candidates are well liked by most.  That made this decision a little more difficult.

Phil Noble has lead SC New Democrats for years and has done a good job getting moderates to join the party.   In 1985 he founded the Palmetto Project and in 2008 he founded One Laptop Per Child SC.

Dick Harpooltian is a different person all together.  The Washington Post ran a story two weeks ago titled “Dick Harpootlian: Return of the king?“.  Harpo as many refer to him, has quiet a history.  He is very combative, says what he is thinking and has a proven track record.  Under Harpoolitian’s leadership Jim Hodges was elected Governor, and the Democratic Party was a more powerful force in SC politics.  In the past he has made several anti-gay slurs, many about Lindsey Graham and I just recently heard him made a comment about a Republican that could have been taken as a gay-slur.

Both candidates came to Greenville last week to speak and every day this week I have received a phone call from someone supporting Harpoolitian… Vincent Sheheen, Bakari Sellers,  James Clyburn,  Jim Hodges, Harry Ott, James Smith, Joe Erwin and Cherie Mabrey are all supporting him.

I’m not one to jump on a band wagon.  In fact, the case could be made that I tend to go the other way… or at least question the band wagon more than most. The robo calls just annoy me.. and some of his past comments bother me….

However…. I think its time we had someone who isn’t afraid to jump into the fray… someone who can get Democrats the attention Republicans get in this state.  Harpoolitian appears on Fox, MSNBC, CNN and other national outlets commonly.  He’s a bulldog… and the SC Democratic Party needs that.  He also isn’t an ideologue.   This week Phil Noble tired to attack Harpootlian for contribution to Republicans in the past.  I actually like that.  I regularly vote for Republicans as well as support them.

Harpootlian might not be perfect, but neither am I and nor are  you.  Harpootlian is the best chance Democrats have to win….anything.  So on April 30th, I’ll cast my vote for Harpootlian… if you’re a delegate I would encourage you to do the same!


7 thoughts on “For SC Democratic Party Chair… I support…

  1. This is the most ludicrous piece i have ever read. If you vote and give money to the republicans to win against democrats i hope to hell you are not a democrat because you just gave me 100% faith in my choosing Phil Noble. You have got to be kidding me..I hope no one else who reads this is gullible enough to vote for Harpootlian after this posting you put up.
    Ohhh for your info I am a delegate.

    1. Good. I will see you there… and for you info.. Noble gave money to the Confederate Memorial and not a dime to Sheheen or Obama… I gave to both.

      1. I will ask him that believe me..I wont back away from him or Harpoolian. I hope to meet you there and you will see who I am. By the way so you know..I am the 1st Vice Chair to the Beaufort County Democratic Party…I want this party to come out of its shell and target the GOP and it is time to start…

    2. Jim,

      Great job of slamming James. My question is this: Why did you just slam James? I’m not saying I agree with his choice (or that I disagree with it for that matter) but I don’t understand what your point is. Why are you so disturbed that someone chooses to support a candidate you don’t? You didn’t make a single point about WHY I shouldn’t support Harpootlian OR why I SHOULD support Phil. Care to try again?

      1. Jay,

        First off no matter who it is if he or she is a democrat and gives money to the republicans to help them beat us and keep their seats or win one over us does not sit well with me and i suspect many many others. second Mr. Harpoolian’s record of hoof in mouth does not sit well with me and this is supposed to be a party of inclusion not exclusion. third, I think Mr. Noble has the more evenhanded, smart way or targetting certain republicans with a real chance for us to win back south carolina bit by bit..We cannot win it all at once and i like his demeanor, the in your face insulting manner will not get us a win for dogcatcher. Phil will not only change the way the counties utilize their resouirces but more effectively and get out of Columbia to meet with the local parties and ask them face to face what they need to win and to sustain.

  2. Maybe it’s time to put partisan politics aside and just VOTE FOR THE BEST CANDIDATE. I think that’s what James was trying to say he’s done in the past. Better yet, screw the R’s AND the D’s and do what’s best FOR THE COUNTRY…vote Libertarian!

    But that’s just me!

  3. Jim,

    You just made a blanket statement I do not agree with. Regretfully, due in part to a lack of leadership on the local level, many races are DINO vs Republican… or Republican only. Take for instance the Senate Race in 08. The Republican was more of a Democrat than the Democrat we had on the ticket. I voted for Lindsey Graham and if Democrats put another Tea Party Candidate up against Senator Graham I will vote for him again (had the Tea Party been around in 08 our Candidate would have been a member). We need to start working with Republicans on issues we all agree with and go after them where they are wrong.. this “all Republicans are bad” idea won’t work in a state in which we are the minority… I just wish Democrats would have figured that out while we still had at least one in a state wide office.
    You are free to support whom ever you choose. As for me, I’ll support the candidate was Chair when the last Democrat was in the Governors Mansion, the won who gave money to our candidate for President in 08 and the one of who gave money to Sheheen last year, Harpootlian.
    As a side note, I will also ALWAYS support a candidate for their values and beliefs rather than because they paid the filing fee to file as a Democrat.

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