“He’s not dead”

It’s quite possible that my head might experience the same fate as Osama bi Laden’s if I hear this again.   Today I have heard a few people say “I don’t think we really killed him”, “This was a stunt for approval ratings” and “Bush had him killed years ago but didn’t make it public”.

Let’s address the last one first.  If you believe that.. then please click the x button above, the unfriend button on Facebook and the unfollow button on Twitter… You’re an idiot.  That is all.

Stunt for approval ratings to go up?  Considering he received less than a double digit increase… and “it’s the economy stupid”…. how’s that argument working out for you?  Also consider that to pull off a “stunt” like this would require the cooperation of not only his entire cabinet (including Republican Secretary Gates) but it would also require the cooperation of the US Military.  I am very sure that if no Seals had went into Pakistan someone in the Navy would be waiving a flag already.  Not to mention the fact that someone actually tweeted during the raid, news sites posted stories about a crashed helicopter and Pakistan scrambled fighter jets.

They did go in but didn’t get Osama… that would still require a huge cover up.  Surely by now some military official would have come out saying it was faked.

Now.. President Obama has decided not to release a photo.. some will say this proves their point.. well consider this…

My Bible has no pictures… nor does yours… Is it all a fake too?

When George W Bush attacked Iraq he claimed WMDs were involved.. we now know that was a lie.  Did you question W on that?  Did you ask for pictures?  No.. didn’t think so.  Oh, and a picture of a semi truck is not a picture of WMDs.

Even if President Obama had released a picture of a dead Osama bin Laden.. almost 100% of the people saying he is dead would say “it’s a fake”.  Just look at the reaction to the Presidents long form birth certificate.

In short.. if you believe Osama bin Laden isn’t dead then you probably also feel sure that the world is flat, Jesus is a Republican and President Obama was born in Kenya.  It is a shame that the Office of The President of The United States’s credibility has been damaged to the point that we would ask for a picture to prove we killed Osama bin Laden.   It’s also a shame that our country is divided to the point that if President Obama said grass is green and the sky is blue a portion of America would say it’s a lie.

Osama is dead, and in the words of Rush Limbaugh “God Bless Barack Obama”


3 thoughts on ““He’s not dead”

  1. Extremely well written James! The comment about the Bible was priceless. I think people just get fueled by others and really stop thinking rationally when things like this happen. It’s a very sad day when you don’t even respect your countrymen enough to trust their word and their judgement. People need to grow up and worry about more important things like getting off welfare, finding jobs, fixing our debt and raising our children to be contributing members of society. What a shame it is that people have nothing better to do then come up with half assed scenarios of bogus claims. Grow the hell up people!

  2. Well said. I’ve made some of those same arguments in the past few days, but have become too exhausted to keep them up. Now I can just point someone to this entry. Thanks!

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