Greenville County Democratic Party Chairman

Earlier this week, the Greenville County Democratic Party Chairman resigned which opens the position and means the Executive Committee will be appointing a Chairman to fill the remainder of the term.

As soon as the announcement was made I was approached about running to be the next Chairman. Over the last two days I have spoken with several party leaders to get a feel for who they are supporting and what they would think about me running.  I have been pleasantly surprised all of the support I have already received.  I already have some great supporters should I run… including a former Chairman and current party officers.

This is not a decision I make lightly.  Running the Democratic Party in Greenville is no easy task.  Democrats are the minority in Greenville, yet with a lot of work and rubber on the pavement we can win races.  In 2009, we won a Greenville At-Large City Council Seat as well as a Greenville Water Commission seat for the first time in years.  Those same results can happen in other parts of the county be require a change in direction.

The local party has been slow to adopt social media, email, and an interactive, up-to-date website.  During the time I was Co-Chair of the Young Democrats we had a twitter account and are still acquiring followers, though I’ve not been Co-Chair for over a year and the account is rarely updated (I’m still the only person who ever updates the account).  We need to engage younger voters where they are.. online… on twitter.. on facebook… at downtown alive… at the handlebar…

The local party also has also been lacking in candidate recruitment.  The majority of races in the Greenville area are settled in the Republican Primary because there is no Democratic opposition.  Yet, there are always Democratic Primaries because our candidates choose to run against other Democrats in “safe seats” as opposed to facing a Republican opponent. I would like to see us set a goal of having a Democrat on the ballot for the majority of races in 2012 and every race in the near future.

The fact that you’re reading this blog tells me I have the ability to communicate to Democrats and Republicans alike… when FOX News and The Greenville News were looking for a Democrat to interview Thursday in reference to the GOP Debate here in Greenville, they called me.  I have the ability to get in front of voters and hopefully help them see that all Democrats are not evil, just as all Republicans are not evil.  At the same time ask voters the question… “what has 30 years of Republican leadership given us?”.  We are ranked last in all of the wrong things!  If you want a change in Columbia.. vote for the Democrats running in your district!

I plan to make my decision in the next several hours… and will of course let you know…  What do you think???  Should I run??? Why or why not?


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