My Best Buy / Twitter Experience w/ @BestBuyDanvers

Late last week I started seriously looking around for iPad2’s.  One of the perks of being a Premier Rewards Member at Best Buy is a 45 day return policy with no restocking fees.. so why not take advantage and try one out?  That is if you can find one!  I quickly realized iPad2’s are hard to come by unless you order them directly from Apple.  After calling around to a few stores I looked online and found out that the “locate in a store” feature is deactivated for the iPad2’s.  A little frustrated I tweeted “does anyone know if Best Buy is on twitter”.. and in just a few minutes I was talking to @BestBuyDanvers.  Not only did he reply within a matter of minutes, seconds really.. he offered to call local stores for me, give me his direct number and do pretty much anything he could to help me locate one.

No luck finding an iPad in the Carolina’s but none the less, Best Buy earned some MAJOR points with me thanks to one person in Danvers, MA!

Good job!


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