I need your help.  Actually the Julie Valentine Center needs your help and I’m just hoping I can help by spreading the word a bit.. oh, and by digging out my high heels.

On a cold February day in 1990 a infant was found deceased in a wooded area here in Greenville.  The police named her Julie Valentine.  Adopted by the community, her legacy has become a symbol of hope for those who have survived rape or child abuse.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of an innocent child who is being abused. Imagine the confusion and anger you feel. Imagine wondering if your home is safe. Imagine thinking there’s nowhere left to turn, and you discover a place that can help.

Now imagine you are not alone. As an abused child, spouse or sexual assault victim, you meet others just like you who overcame the unspeakable things that happened. That’s exactly why the Julie Valentine Center is here, to help people in your shoes.

The recent Casey Anthony verdict caused a number of people to be outraged.  My friends took to twitter and facebook to express that outrage.  Well let’s do what we can to help those locally that have been affected by child abuse. The Julie Valentine Center is having a 5k “Run2Overcome” event.  My buddy Haro Setian from Keller Williams and I are participating and we have decided to make the fundraising a little more challenging.  This race is only 2 weeks ago.. so we have to act fast.. but… if Haro raises more money than I do.. OR.. I raise $3,000, I will run the entire 5k in the heels I wore during the Mens High Heel Race last month.

What better way to show your support for children who have been abused or do something in memory of Caylee Anthony than make a tax deductible donation to the Julie Valentine Center.  You can do so by clicking here.

Thanks so much.  I know you all won’t let me down!


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