#1 is a bad thing…

Greenville County ranked #1 in child abuse and rape incidents in South Carolina last year.  #1 is not always a good thing!! The Julie Valentine Center, formerly The Greenville County Rape Crisis and Child Abuse Center, served 516 children in 2010 alone.  Of those, 85% were sexually abused! 361 were girls and 155 were boys.  406 were under 12 years old.  An additional 236 adults called the Rape Crisis hotline and 166 were seen for counseling services.  JVC responded to 96 Emergency Room calls to support rape victims and ad 8,303 education programs in 2010 alone!  All with a budget of only $900,000., thanks to the over 10,000 volunteer hours put in.

A lot of numbers huh? Well lets make it simple.


If me raising money helps just 1 child or rape victim then bugging you to donate is worth it.  And if you giving $25 (or more if you can), helps a child that has been a victim or child abuse, or a rape victim.  Then it should be worth it to you too.

Please make a tax deductible contribution: http://bit.ly/pthkff

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far, but especially to Alex Lila &Jacqui Lanier, Andy Arnold, Kim Keable, Ryan Montgomery and Frank Hillard.  All of which gave over $100 each.


One thought on “#1 is a bad thing…

  1. This is very admirable. Thank you for doing something like this! Your community is lucky to have you.

    I have started a blog here on wordpress. It is victimnomore.wordpress.com. Please view my page to see my story of survival after being sexually assaulted.

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